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585 copper nugget products are offered for sale by suppliers on , of which copper alloy jewelry accounts for 7%, other copper accounts for 3%, and loose gemstone accounts for 2%. A wide variety of copper nugget options are available to you, such as not powder, is powder.Details

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Sep 30, 2005· The four nuggets in the center of the attached picture are solid copper, under the green stuff (which was a lot thicker before I washed them). Any advice on how to clean the nuggets and turn them into a nice copper color while still retaining the shape of the nuggets would be appreciated.Details


Jun 01, 2016· Clean Your Copper Pots Pans Teach a Man to Fish Duration: 2:46. Teach a Man to Fish 17,131 views. 2:46. Top Five Useful Knots for camping, survival, hiking, and more Duration: 10:47.Details

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Sep 30, 2016· Nuggets. How to clean up old bronze fittings How to clean up old bronze fittings By webmaster, 30 September 2016 , in category: ... They are geared for regularly polished brassware like cap badges in the army and copper pots in a pub not a piece exposed to the elements for a few weeks. You need something a bit more heavy duty like the ...Details

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The more citric acid a fruit contains, the faster its juice will dissolve the copper oxide and clean the penny. About the Author. Chris Sherwood is a professional journalist who after years in the health administration field and writing health and wellness articles turned towards organic sustainable gardening and food education. He now owns and ...Details

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Jul 02, 2014· Any hardware sure to have some baking soda and water handy to dump the piece in after the acid bath to neutralize any acid with an old toothbrush dipping it in the baking soda your eyes and if on your skin will burn it and turn the muriatic dosen't work,,use nitric if you can find more dangerous however.Details

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Most copper nuggets found in Arizona are relatively small, ranging from small subgram nugget to the larger pieces weighing a few ounces in size. The area best known for quality copper nuggets and specimens is the Keweenaw Peninsula in northern Michigan. If you are interested in metal detecting for a true “trophy” piece of copper, this is ...Details

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I personally will not get near the stuff, and would not recommend it as a way to clean nuggets. There are much safer ways to clean nuggets as previously mentioned in this article, and hydrofluoric acid is overkill for most jobs. If you have a specimen that you are dead set on using acid to clean, I would strongly recommend finding a ...Details

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That will make sure the glass is perfectly clean and free of wax (if you used wax). It needs to be absolutely clean for the foil to stick. ... I'm having trouble copper foiling nuggets. Besides nuggets being not very round, the copper foil really bunches up as I fold it around the edge. No amount of burnishing removes the folds.Details

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Nov 14, 2014· After spending the day we managed to score 6 little nuggets between us, the top 2 were mine and the bottom 4 were his. As you can see, this first picture was taken before anything was done to clean …Details

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Lacquering silver and copper specimens after cleaning will keep them bright for a long time. Most copper cleaned with cyanide will have a rosy hue for a day or so after cleaning but on exposure to air will return to a nice copper color, so it is well to wait a day or two before lacquering the copper.Details

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Spotting fake gold nuggets Word to the wise watch for tricksters and scam artists online. Take a look at the photos here taken from eBay. These are not real gold nuggets they are native copper nuggets from the copper fields in Michigan which have been tumbled to smooth them off just like gold nuggets get tumbled in a stream.Details

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One of the ways to find raw gold begins with panning for it in creeks or rivers fed by eroded gold from mine or natural deposits in rock formations above the water sources. Placer gold, roughly 75to95 percent real gold comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, from small flakes to large bumpy nuggets.Details

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How do you clean copper nuggets (polished copper)? I have a copper nugget that keeps turning a dark brown color and not shiny instead of the bright goldlooking color it is supposed to be. It is turning that brown instead of green. I have tried vinegar which cleaned it …Details

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Copper Nuggets, Copper Pieces. These Copper Nuggets and Copper Pieces are from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. These are “native copper” pieces that are found in the ground and water of this glacial area. We have copper nuggets in varying sizes, as noted; and small copper pieces available singly or collected in a 1″ square clear box.Details

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In nature, gold nuggets are not pure gold. They are a combination of minerals, known as ore. The metal can be removed from the ore in a process known as smelting, in which the minerals are separated by melting point. Smelt gold is more pure than the original ore product, but can still contain impurities such as sliver, copper and platinum.Details

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You can use it to clean copper by rubbing a small film over the item, letting it sit for a couple minutes, and then wash it away. Cleaning Pennies, Coins or Other Small Items: Small copper pieces are easy cleaned by hand. Make a cleaning solution of 1/2 cup of lemon juice or vinegar and 1 …Details

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Jul 17, 2008· The best way to clean nuggets is and ultrasonic cleaner and majic green cleaner. However it won't remove the ironstone matrix. It will brighten and take off ironstaining off the exposed gold. Many people like clean gold or gold in white quartz but there are collectors who just like gold in it's natural host rock as found in nature.Details

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The melting point of copper is 1,981 degrees Fahrenheit. If your stove gets that hot, you can use it to melt copper at home. It's important, however, that you wear safety equipment, work in a wellventilated space and melt the copper in a castiron pan. Other pans may melt before the copper does.Details

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M262hb Here is a nice specimen of natural Copper from Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan. This is natural native copper which has been removed from most of the matrix rock which was surrounding it. It is the natural native copper just as it formed in the rock. It measures approximately 4 1/4" x 2 1/4" x 2" and weighs nearly pounds.Details

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The problem with cleaning copper is in keeping it clean. Some treatment methods such as with HCl seem to not stay clean as long as others. It seems that some methods activate the surface making them more susceptable to tarnishing. At best all cleaning methods are temporary unless you coat the sample with something afterward ( like lacquer).Details

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Jun 01, 2012· All metals with the exception of gold and other precious metals corrode. That's why you'll find gold nuggets in nature but not copper nuggets. Brass lacquer can go a long way towards preventing that corrosion, but must be regularly renewed, especially outdoors, especially in the full sun that a weathervane sees. Good luck. Regards, Ted Mooney, Details

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Jul 01, 2011· and thanks all for the gold cleaning advice. i never really had too much dirty gold. most simply washed up good with a bit of detergent and water. i've come across a few nuggets this last year. often in drifts rather than on or near bedrock, that has been incredibly hard to get clean. i even had a bit on the 12 mile that was mostly rock with ...Details

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Copper cleaning and copper polishing are two different things. Once your copper is clean, you can give it a shiny boost with a nontoxic copper polishing cleaner you can make at home using ingredients you probably already have stocked in your pantry: vinegar and flour. Mix together onequarter cup salt and onequarter cup flour, then add enough vinegar to make a thick paste.Details

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Copper nuggets are frequently used in metallurgical and plating applications. We sell this metal in one pounds increments, so if you need 5 lbs, simply add a quantity of 5 to your cart. Be sure to see our bulk discounts for certain quantity levels if you would like to save money per pound.Details

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May 05, 2017· Cleaning Copper Nuggets Azos Gold Prospecting Forum Arizona. May 24 2012160183 give the nugget a good rinse and be content with the way it looks its a natural nugget all of the inclusions and little rust stains are part of the unique nature of the nugget you can get so carried away with cleaning the nugget that the end result is a perfectly cleaned gold nugget which can some times look as if ...Details

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Mar 18, 2019· Similar to stainless steel, copper turns black and develops a patina over time and when exposed to patina adds charm to vintage pieces, but when you take the time to learn how to clean copper properly, the shiny rosegold metal becomes a real showstopper.Details

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The rust in your elite shungite nuggets is the result of the crystal corrosion or chemical erosion of the stone which is quite common. Sometimes shungite nuggets become a little rusted if they are being used for water purification, or they come with ferrous infusions that are the source of rust. It is a normal chemical process.Details

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Jan 07, 2013· Cleaning Copper Nuggets – AZO’s: Metal Detecting for Gold … Cleaning Copper Nuggets – posted in AZO’s: … Anyway, I managed to get on a mine dump last week and picked up some copper nuggets, copper ore, and some silver ore. »More detailedDetails

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Jul 10, 2016· I want the copper color for some art pieces. I found the nuggets at the Caledonia mine in Upper Michigan. I would like to remove the patina/coating so the copper parts stand out from the other minerals in the samples. The copper segments are very irregular and pointed, so they can't be scrubbed without breaking.Details

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Others are coated in crusted, ironstained sandy clay which clings strongly to the nugget. A good way of cleaning gold nuggets that are this dirty is to put them into concentrated hydrochloric acid for a few days. Hydrochloric acid is swimming pool acid, and easy to find in hardware stores and pool shops. Crusted clay and sand fizzes and falls ...Details

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I've used straight thiourea to clean copper and silver electronic parts with success. One of the more interesting cleaning methods I've tried involves placing the metal to be cleaned in a solution of thiourea and then adding an equal amount of 30% hydrogen peroxide. After a few seconds, the mixed solutions will react violently enough to spew ...Details