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1 ton of H Rip Rap will cover 11 square feet using D50 = 18" 1 ton of VH Rip Rap will cover 8 square feet using D50 = 24" River Boulders 3'x3'x3' approx. 1 ton, 150 lbs./Sq. Ft. Quick Conversion Factors Ton/CY Rock Crusher Fines Compacted Loose Infield Mix Compacted Loose Rip Rap Class 6 Base 1. 75 compactedDetails

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If your patio is 20 feet long and 10 feet wide, and you need 6 inches of crushed stone for the base, you would plug those numbers into formula, like this: (20'x10'') / 27 = cubic yards When using this equation, make sure all of your measurements are in feet.Details

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The density of typical gravel is 105 lb/ft 3 (1680 kg/m 3). This corresponds to gravel with average sized pebbles and is the number used in the calculator. How much does a yard 3 of gravel weigh? A cubic yard of typical gravel weighs about 2830 pounds or tons. A square yard of gravel with a depth of 2 in (~5 cm) weighs about 157 pounds ...Details

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River rock comes in several sizes, such as 1 1/2inch stones or 4inch stones. The size of stone you choose affects how many bags or tons it takes to cover the area you're landscaping. Smaller stones work well filling in between stepping stones or as flowerbed mulch, while larger stones help …Details

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Consider a ½ cubic foot bag of stone or soil weighs about 50 lbs and will cover 2 square feet at 3" deep. A bag of hardwood or cedar bark contains about 1 cubic foot of material, enough to cover about 4 square feet at 3" deep.Details

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The calculator will tell you approximately how many cubic yards or tons of material you'll need. If you still have questions, please call the Mulch and Stone Team at 7039992624. If you have the total area of your landscape beds calculated, we’d be glad to help you figure the amount of …Details

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1 cubic yard = tons For most landscape material with the exception of lava rock or mulch just multiply the total by Details

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My path measures 20 feet by 30 feet wide. I want coverage to a depth of 3 inches with normal pea gravel (96 lb/ft³) costing 45 per US short ton. I simply enter these measurements to …Details

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All you need to know is the size of the area you wish to cover, what depth of gravel or slate you require, and your postcode. ... (1,400kg / ) 3 Bulk Bags / 90 Poly Bags (1,800kg / ) 3 Bulk Bags / 115 Poly Bags (2,300kg / ) ... We recommend extending this to make it a square, as it is better to order too many aggregates than too few.Details

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Most gravel weighs to tons per cubic yard. See below for more common material densities. For example , let’s find the amount of gravel needed for a space that is 10 feet long, 10 feet wide, and 1 …Details

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PRODUCT COVERAGE RATE PER TON; 3”6” Rip Rap: 70 Square Feet: 3”6” River Rock: 80 Square Feet: 1”3” River Rock: 90 Square Feet: 3/4”, 1” Screened GravelDetails

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If you want to cover an area with gravel, 1 to 2 inches should be sufficient depending on the size of the gravel. If you are using 3/4" inch gravel or larger figure on at least 2 inches in depth to get good coverage. If you want to haul these materials in your own truck, you need to know the weight per ton and the capacity of your truck.Details

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L × W = Square footage of coverage area. Square feet of coverage area ÷ coverage area per 1 ton = tons of rock needed. Using this formula, you can see that if you’re looking to cover 360 square feet with 1”3” size rocks, you’re probably going to need tons. If you’re using smaller materials, say 3/4”1”, you may need only 3 ...Details

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Coverage: 198 sf/ton 1 inch thick 132 sf/ton 2 inches thick 66 sf/ton 3 inches thickDetails

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So with a combined 120 square feet in the front yard, and 3 planting beds of approximately 80 square feet each, we have a whole sum of 360 square feet. Since it is clear to us that 1 “cubic yard” will cover 100 square feet we can safely say that we need around 3 and 1/2 yards.Details

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Pea gravel is another example of a smaller, finer stone material useful in paving paths. It is composed of peasized stones that have been rounded over time through natural weathering. The individual pebbles range in size from 1/8 inch to 3/8 inch and come in many colors.Details

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3. Estimation of the total gravel mass needed either in tons or kilograms, by transforming the volume as follows: Metric tons: 1 cubic feet = tons 1 cubic yard = tons 1 cubic meter = tons. English lbs: 1 cubic feet = lbs 1 cubic yard = lbs 1 cubic meter = lbs. 4.Details

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1″ = 240 square feet per ton: 1 1/2″ = 160 square feet per ton: 2″ = 120 square feet per ton: 2 1/2″ = 96 square feet per ton: 3″ = 80 square feet per ton: 3 1/2″ = 68 square feet per ton: 4″ = 60 square feet per ton: 5″ = 48 square feet per ton: 6″ = 40 square feet per ton: 7″ = 35 square feet per ton: 8″ = 30 square feet ...Details

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2000 lbs./ 1 Ton pallet of River Rock. One (1) ton of river rock covers approximately a 5075 sq. ft. area. This river rock ranges from 4 in. to 10 in. in size. The product is a natural stone out of Tennessee. A dry creek bed is just one of the many uses for river rock in landscaping. River rock is a natural stone …Details

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A cubic meter of typical sand weighs 1,600 kilograms tonnes. A square meter sandbox with a depth of 35 cm weighs about 560 kg or tonnes. The numbers are obtained using this sand calculator. How much is a ton of sand? A ton of sand is typically about cubic yards (3/4 cu yd), or 20 cubic feet.Details

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drystack 6x8” will cover 2325 linear feet per ton Building Stone Calculator Please enter the measurements below and press "Calculate" to receive the approximate tons of random building stone such as Builders or Chopped stone needed for the specified square footage.Details

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Type in inches and feet of your project and calculate the estimated amount of Granite Stone in cubic yards, cubic feet and Tons, that your need for your project. The Density of 57 Granite Stone: 2,410 lb/yd³ or t/yd³ or yd³/tDetails

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One Ton of Rock Covers: One Cubic Yard of Soil or Wood Mulch Covers: 240 square feet: 1” deep: 300 square feet: 1” deep: 120 square feet: 2” deep: 150 square feet: 2” deep: 80 square feet: 3” deep: 100 square feet: 3” deep: 60 square feet: 4” deep: 75 square feet: 4” deep: 50 square feet: 5” deep: 50 square feet: 6” deep: 40 ...Details

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When laying the recommended gravellayer depth of 4", then a ton of pea gravel covers an area of 40 to 50 square feet. Spreading out 1ton of gravel at 2" deep covers 80 to 100 square feet , while 6" deep covers 25 to 35 square feet or less if you use larger stones.Details

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Aug 23, 2019· Then divide 2 inches (the depth of your stone) by 12 to convert your depth into feet. The result is Then, multiply 144 by to get the cubic volume, which is cubic feet.Details

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One tonne will cover 14 square metres. If you want to apply them in a normal depth 50 mm for a driveway. 1 tonne will be sufficient to cover approximately 20 square metres for pedestrian pathways, 35mm depth is normally sufficient for pedestrian pathway.Details

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80 square feet: 3" deep: 60 square feet: 4" deep: 50 square feet: 5" deep: 40 square feet: 6" deep: 20 square feet: 12" deep : Lava rock coverage = 180 sq. ft. per ton at 3" depth: Flagstone coverage = 125 sq. ft. per ton up to 1 ½" thick: 2"4" rock coverage = 65 sq. ft. per ton: 5"12" rock coverage = 45 per ton: 4" strip stone ...Details

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Type in inches and feet of your project and calculate the estimated amount of Gravel Stone in cubic yards, cubic feet and Tons, that your need for your project. The Density of 2B Gravel: 2,410 lb/yd³ or t/yd³ or …Details

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Stone Calculator Get it right the first time. Estimating the amount of stone you need for your outdoor project can be trying. The shape, size and type of area you are filling with stone all play a role in determining how much you need to complete your project successfully.Details

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Circular Area with Custom Stone and Price Per Unit Mass; Let’s say I have a stone not listed in the options for density, with a diameter of 10 feet at a depth of 12 inches. The density of the stone is 100 lb/ft³, and it costs 10 per yd³. I enter these values in the …Details

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First, we need to divide the pea gravel path into four rectangles: 1, 2, 3, and 4. Now, we have to measure the width and width of each sector: Sector 1 has the length of 10 yd and the width of yd; Sector 2 has the length of 4 yd and the width of yd; Sector 3 has the length of 4 yd and the width of yd;Details